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Shaping experiences


We are the leading real estate company on the Iberian Peninsula, listed on both the Spanish (IBEX-35) and Portuguese stock exchanges. Our main activity is the acquisition and management of commercial real estate assets in the office, logistics, retail, and data center markets.

The diversification and service-oriented management of our real estate assets are what set us apart.

With the aim of adding value and generating a unique experience, we apply innovation, technology and sustainability, to create spaces that provide a better service and experience to clients and to society.

To help create the cities of tomorrow, we are approaching the future with a transformative, innovative, and pioneering attitude.

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Our mission is to revolutionise the real estate sector by furnishing our customers with one-of-a-kind services and experiences that enrich their daily lives. Through innovation, sustainability, personalised service and continuous quality improvements, we strive to provide an exceptional space management experience for all of our users.


Our pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation across the board have propelled us to the top of our industry. We are obsessed with delivering value in space management. By being proactive and empathetic towards our users, we are able to consistently deliver excellence. Our service vocation, enables us to create the one-of-a-kind experiences that make MERLIN a unique benchmark in the real estate sector. We are passionate about innovation and our vision for the future. It is our aim to make a positive impact on society and the well-being of local communities through our agility and responsiveness, mindful of our responsibility as a catalyst for change and development.

Our assets on the Iberian Peninsula

We are the owners and managers of over 4 million sqm of real estate space for rent across 105 office buildings, 95 logistics warehouses, 12 shopping centers, and 3 data centers in operation on the Iberian Peninsula.

  Shopping Centers
  Data Centers

Sustainable is the way

Innovation is what moves us