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The inventiveness of human beings never ceases to amaze us. That's what innovation is all about: always seeking ways to improve, to develop better experiences, to become more sustainable, digital or flexible.

Knowing that nothing is more innovative, revolutionary, or unique than a person, we work every day with the unwavering conviction that we will succeed in our mission to revolutionise the real estate industry and provide unforgettable experiences for our users.

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Reconceptualising the work experience

Spaces, technologies are all areas in which we strive to innovate to create the best possible experience, true to we strive to innovate, in order to create the best possible experiencer mission of improving quality of life in cities, and going far beyond the number of square meters to include the assessment of aspects, such as emotions, contentment and enjoyment.

More than 40,000 users working in over 40 office buildings have access to Merlin Hub, Europe's largest business hub, which establishes connections between businesses and buildings, and offers a wide range of experiences, mobility services, and exclusive perks.

Through Flex Spaces by LOOM, and our 100% flexible, bespoke solutions, we promote a culture of well-being based on the best possible experience, while also providing innovative solutions for hybrid work models, and flexible and cutting-edge work spaces integrated with the latest technology.

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Digitalization to revolutionise the business and leisure experience

We've launched a project for the marketing of communal areas in collaboration with the Irish company Fillit. We are developing a Big Data platform that will give us a broader knowledge of customers and the areas of influence of the shopping centers, and we have implemented a new channel for communicating with all of our tenants.

The main goal is to provide a more tailored experience for the operator.

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Latest generation logistics

We're building several latest-generation parks as part of an ambitious logistics development program.

The new developments exemplify a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, adaptability to the needs of operators and the market, and the provision of any tools necessary to improve operational efficiency, all conceived with the highest standards of technical, technological, and construction quality.

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Data Centers. Zero water. Zero carbon. Big Data

We are dedicated to creating new types of spaces for the modern digital era.

In partnership with Edged Energy, a division of Endeavour, the specialist American technology company, we are building a network of ultra energy-efficient and waterless data centers in four key locations: Bilbao-Arasur, Madrid-Getafe, Barcelona-PLZF, and Lisbon-VFX.

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