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Speciality leasing

Every business is unique. Every space is too

We're here to share our extensive retail knowledge and expertise to help you develop a digital strategy and grow your brand.

Our shopping centers offer the perfect combination of the physical and digital worlds to get the bet possible return.

Take your branding to the next level

We strive to take business branding to the next level.

Our unique advertising media allow us to improve brand communication in both physical and digital formats, guaranteeing a maximum impact on our consumers.


Our centers are adaptable, allowing us to provide unique experiences tailored to meet the needs of brands and businesses that seek customised venues for every occasion.

We can accommodate the needs of brands looking for bespoke spaces for their events, such as roadshows, sponsorships, stands, promotional events, exhibitions, and B2B team-building activities, among many other types of experiences that we can host.


We offer a wide range of spaces to open up opportunities for different business models. Start-ups, local businesses, freelancers, pop-up shops, etc., to activate temporary sales.

As a first step toward establishing permanent stores for brands, we create one-of-a-kind spaces for emerging brands in the launch and testing phases.



We suggest unique spaces for setting up corners, stands, kiosks, food trucks, and more.

We provide professional advice to help improve the positioning of various business models, including franchises, regional chains, and innovative operators. We ensure the best possible visibility of your products among customers visiting our centers.