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Get to know Project Sun

At MERLIN we carry out Project Sun, an initiative that aims to develop and operate sustainable assets, as well as minimize the carbon footprint and achieve energy self-sufficiency, through our own photovoltaic installations in the company’s assets.

Thanks to this «on-site» solar PV power generation, by 2023 we have managed to obtain an installed capacity of 14,934 kWp in 28 assets of Offices, Shopping Centres, Logistics and Data Centers. This equates to 6,132kg of CO₂ emissions avoided, 125,480 trees planted and 5,996 homes supplied.

We have set a Future Pipeline of an additional 30,407 kWp across 34 assets, equivalent to 12,485kg of CO₂ emissions avoided, 255,487 trees planted and 12,208 homes supplied.