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Results of our Inclusive Gardens 2023

In 2023 with our Inclusive Urban Gardens, managed by the Juan XXIII Foundation in collaboration with Merlin Hub, we have achieved:

– 618 m² of cultivable areas in the Adequa, Torre Chamartín, Aquamarina, Avenida Europa and Vía Norte office buildings in #Madrid.
– 1,022 kgs of food collected. 387 kgs of vegetables have been donated to the Food Bank to help 230 families, and the rest have been distributed among the people who work there.

We have carried out 215 environmental awareness and dynamisation actions with tenants, such as the Gardening Tips, incorporating two new initiatives this year: the Experiential Micro Workshops and the Points Programme.

In 2024 we continue to work for a greener and more inclusive environment.

#Offices #MerlinHub #SustainableIsTheWay