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Ismael Clemente, has attended the conference «Real Estate: Winning strategies in uncertain times» of the IESE Business School

«In times of business cycle where having low leverage is essential, we have looked for returns in alternative or even niche assets. This is what we did with #logistics and what we are doing now with #DataCenters. If the Spanish market grows as we think it will, Data Centres will account for 15% of our rents, but if the country becomes the digital hub that everyone expects, they will reach 30% or 40% of our rents. And then it will no longer be a niche», is one of the reflections of our CEO, Ismael Clemente, during the conference «Real Estate: Winning strategies in uncertain times» organised by IESE Business School – University of Navarra.

During the meeting, they also participated in the round table «Capital markets: financing and valuation of real estate investment»:

Roberto Cibeira, CEO Pontegadea
Cristina García-Peri, Founding partner Azora
Hermann F. Montenegro, CEO AXA Investment Managers Real Assets Ibérica & Italy
Susana Rodríguez, Chief Commercial Officer Savills Spain