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Marineda City

Carretera Estrada a Baños de Arteixo, 43. 15008 A Coruña. Spain.

Area: 176,000 sqm

Marineda City, which opened in 2011 in A Coruña, is the largest shopping center in Galicia, and the third largest in Spain. It has nearly 200 establishments, with brands such as Decathlon, Ikea, Media Markt, Hipercor, Leroy Merlin, Primark, and all the flagships of the Inditex group. It is the benchmark shopping center in the north-west of he Iberian peninsula, and a hub that attracts both shoppers and tourists. That’s because Marineda City offers visitors a unique experience on its three floors and large outdoor plaza, forming part of a complex that combines shopping with a variety of dining and leisure options, including cinemas, a bowling alley, escape rooms, go-karting, and complete freestyle indoor center, as well as a 4-star hotel and a modern business center. It also has three floors of free parking with a total capacity for 6,000 vehicles.

Marineda City is a shopping center in constant transformation that has managed to adapt to the needs and desires of its users over the years. It has become a popular meeting point for families, friends and couples, where they can expect to share exciting experiences. It is a center that has made sustainability an essential part of its activities. Not in vain does it recover or recycle 99.915% of the waste it generates, having received various awards in this area. It is socially responsible, supporting social entities in its local area. It holds innovation close to its heart, with a digital ecosystem that enables it to communicate directly with customers and operators, and to operate as a dynamizing force for cultural activities, as well as a vector for socialisation, consolidating its leadership position.



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